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Heading of interest

Here is the beginning of something that hopefully will catch the interest of visitors. So how will it work??

We don't really know, but we hope it will work.

I wonder how to reduce the spacing between paragraphs. It is not an obvious formatting thing.

 At least it is not obvious to me at this point.


Here is another space for a header

Then the hyperlink head or lead can be here. Then a short description of the content of the article can follow



Picture or quote

Heading for an article or new product

Here is the space for article headers and information. Probably should be used with hyperlink headers, The teaser beginning of the article or just a description of what is to follow.




Header - again for the new article

The second idea can be in this space - again with a header hyperlink...

I think I like the idea of using this layout for the front page



Another header

More description for the header to get the attention of a potential clicker.

Header of Interest

Here is the place for other items

The space could also be for advertising, don't you know. I could leave lots of space for lots of revenue - hopefully.


Another great header

More description of the content or destination link


Header again as if you didn't know

These could all be replaced by advertising, you know. That would not be bad of course!

Header again - catchy if possible

Here is a space for something else related - maybe industry news or trends

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